Product - EMH Hoist

EMH hoists are available in monorail and top running double girder models, and provide a price / performance ratio that compares favorably with the best the industry has to offer.

Standard features include
  • Mass production with uniform quality.
  • Modular construction with optimally matched components.
  • Space saving, future oriented design.
  • Two lifting speeds with 6:1 speed ratio.
  • Two trolley speeds with 4:1 speed ratio.
  • TEFC motors designed for smooth crane service.
  • Class F motor insulation.
  • Lifetime lubricated bearings and gear reducers.
  • Modern helical gear trolley drive.
  • DC rectified brakes with a minimum of one million maintenance-free operations.
  • Two upper and one lower precision limit switches.
  • Overload limit for safe operation and extended hoist life.
  • Lang-lay, pre-formed high strength wire rope with steel core.
  • Heavy duty, wear resistant rope guide.
  • All controls mounted in NEMA 12 enclosure with overload protection.
  • Heavy duty bottom block with safety latch and hardened sheaves.
Hoist motor and gear train are designed and built to meet the most severe demands for hoisting service requiring frequent reversal and high starting torque. The motor is work rated, with Class F insulation.

The gear train consists of hardened and polished helical gears and pinions. Compact design with low weight /output ratio provides highly efficient, quiet, and long lasting operation.
Trolley drive consists of a pole changing squirrel-cage gear motor. Integral disc brakes are specially designed for crane service. Low torque, high inertia drives provide smooth acceleration and decelerations without excessive load swing.

Travel motors are provided with DC disc brakes, quick disconnect plugs, and Class F insulation.
Rope guide prevents rope from being unbraided and cut; protects the operator from injury.

Maintains the rope in contact with the drum grooves even under slack rope conditions.
Adjustable tow arm and trolley travel limit switch available as standard options.
Easily adjustable dual upper and single lower gear type limit switches bring the load hook to a positive stop at any desired position in both the hoisting and lowering directions. Pre-tested, multi-pin quick disconnect plugs and socket connections for fast, safe, mistake-proof electrical assembly.
A DC rectified magnet actuated disc motor brake is automatically applied in the event of power failure, These self-adjusting and virtually maintenance free brakes are provided with asbestos-free, non-polluting brake linings. An expected service life of one million operations before requiring the first adjustment. Overload limit monitors load and prevents operator from lifting loads greater than the hoist's capacity.